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Projects Guide

At HKFS we understand Capital budgeting involves choosing projects that add value to the firm. This can involve almost anything from acquiring a lot of land to purchasing a new truck or replacing old machinery. Businesses, specifically corporations, are typically required, or at least recommended, to undertake those projects which will increase profitability and thus enhance shareholders' wealth
Project 1

IRR capital budgeting decision tools.

If there are not enough investments that earn the hurdle rate, return the cash to stockholders. Any decision that requires the use of resources (financial or otherwise) is a project. Since financial resources are finite, there is a hurdle that projects have to cross before being deemed acceptable.

Project 3

At HKFS, our research defined customer demographics, product features, optimum price, and projected sales, convincing the company to build 

a manufacturing facility in the U.S. and start marketing their locally.

Project 2

Financial Concepts and Capital Budgeting

When a firm is presented with a capital budgeting decision, one of its first tasks is to determine whether or not the project will prove to be profitable. The net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and payback period (PB) methods are the most common approaches to project selection. Although an ideal capital budgeting solution is such that all three metrics will indicate the same decision, At HKFS we guide you on how to achieve this.

Project 4

IRR capital budgeting decision tools.

Undertaken 2015

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